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Kasheshi Makena & The Bhutula Band
About "11. My Kind Of Flute"
Imagine you have a very special and most likely item in your house you came back from somewhere and you find it is not working as it used to work and there is no way you can replace it, what do you do? In life acceptance is sometimes needed and there is always another option when you think positively. It is a true story when my flute could not sound as it used after it mate freezing degrees.

“When different Cultures Meets There will be a new beginning”

Kasheshi Makena & The Bhutula Band (TZ/FIN)
The band is based in Finland. It was found in Århus - Denmark 2015

It is an 8 piece band, with members from Tanzania, Finland, England and Ireland.
A New beginning of a Tanzanian musician, dancer and composer Kasheshi Makena who brings toge... more
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