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About "Real Change"
This song was written in 2022 for James J Turner’s Arts Council England funded new album “Future Meets the Past” (release date Spring 2023) and is a powerful Folk-Rock track featuring a blend of traditional acoustic and contemporary electric instrumentation. James's powerful voice and dextrous guitar playing on Martin D28 provide the backbone to this passionate, anthemic song which also features acoustic folk fiddle & electric guitar.

“Real Change” describes the systemic unfairness of the human condition, that endures from one century to the next.

Review from Fatea Magazine September 2022:
“a sentiment that is hard to argue with at the moment … It's often easy to dismiss songs that are a simple plea for change but not this time. The violin the at swirls across the song keeps you in touch with the words, and by the end you are nodding in agreement. If this the sound of protest music in 2022 then that is good news.”