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About "Breaking Of The Ties"
This brand new song was written in 2021 for James J Turner’s Arts Council England funded new album “Future Meets the Past” and is a powerful Folk-Rock track featuring a blend of traditional acoustic and contemporary electric instrumentation. James's powerful voice and dextrous guitar playing on Martin D28 provide the backbone to this passionate, anthemic song which also features acoustic folk fiddle & electric guitar.

“Breaking of the Ties” tells a story of humanity’s disconnection from the land and the natural world, plus the devastating social impact of the agricultural changes of the 18th and 19th centuries on ordinary working people and was inspired by James’s personal research into his own family history. The drift from countryside homes to the crowded towns and cities during the agricultural and industrial revolutions meant that within one or two generations all ancient ties to ancestral homelands, sometimes going back hundreds or even thousands of years, were broken.