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About "Allí En El Midbar - Sephardic Traditional Holiday Song - Guitar Give Me Your Song - Gerard Edery"
Here is a traditional Sephardic holiday song, Allí En El Midbar.

Allí en el midbar vide arrelumbrar
Las tablas de la Ley vide abaxar
Y mirad que sinor es Moxe Rabbenu
Que subio y abaxo a los altos cielos.

Los malachim del cielo lo queren quemar
Nacido de mujer, que buxca en santedad?
Los malachim del cielo tienen por el celo
Basar V a-dam, que buxca en el cielo?

There in the desert I saw burning
I saw the tablets of the Law brought down
And look, this man is our teacher Moses
Who went up and came down from the Heavens

The angels of Heaven want to burn him
Born of woman, what does he look for in sanctity?
The angels of Heaven are envious of him
He is but a man, what does he search for in Heaven?