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Gary Wayne Clark
About "Buddhist Quotes & Music"
Buddhist Quotes & Music - the words of the Buddha, as read by Gary Wayne Clark. Pain hurts, music helps. Let's find your music - and your peace.

Thoughts of the Buddha, Spoken Words,Arrangement and Recording by Gary Wayne Clark. Music “The Hidden Valley” by Peder B Helland, licensed by Soothing Relaxation AS.

© 2019 Gary Wayne Clark. All Rights Reserved.

Gary Wayne Clarkis an Author, Grammy® Recording Academy Artist, Indie Singer / Songwriter and Poet that writes and records under the name Gary Wayne Clark, Gary Clark, and his band Earamas® / Earamas™.
7 time winner of the prestigious Clouzine International Music Awards for “Buddhist Quotes and Music, In My Dream”, "River of Lost Souls", 'Dark Secret", "Change ... more
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