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About "Dark Secret"
Ethereal and surreal, a haunting dreamscape of rhythmic evanescent textures, mystical Native American proverbs, flutes and tribal drums interwoven with neo-psychedelic guitar riffs that echo through the canyons of the mind like lost voices from another world -- Heetíh-néé'eesoo.

Arapaho Prayer
Heetih-kou3-iine'etii-n [Live a long life]
Heetih-niini'-iine'etii-n [Live a good life]
Heetih-'iiyoo3-iine'etii-n [Live a clean life]
Hoow-uusetee [It is not done]
Heetce’nóóhobé3en [Goodbye, I will see you again]
Nohuusóho' [Amen]