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About "River Of Lost Souls"
Ethereal and surreal, a haunting dreamscape of rhythmic evanescent textures, mystical Native American proverbs, flutes and tribal drums interwoven with neo-psychedelic guitar riffs that echo through the canyons of the mind like lost voices from another world -- Heetíh-néé'eesoo.

Inspired by Clark's Amazon Top Selling western horror novel “Dead Balance”, the music and lyrics of Grammys® Recording Academy Artist Gary Wayne Clark’s "Dead Balance" transports the listener on a spiritual journey into the surreal shadow world of the Ancient Ones. Immersed in a haunting dreamscape of evanescent textures, mystical Native American poetry, flutes, drums and neo-psychedelic guitar riffs, the spirit of a troubled Arapaho boy named Logan Lone Bear Tuu'awata is trapped between two worlds as he calls out to his soul mate, Raven Thunder Sky. With a host of ethereal voices speaking a shamanic spectral dream language of Arapaho and English, the songs of Dead Balance deliver a heartfelt message across the divide for those who desperately cling to love... beyond the boundaries of this world.

Native American proverbs teach us, that “Day and night can’t live together,” and “There can be no rainbow without our tears.” True, but I choose to believe that for some of us, “Dreams are the only truth, until we awake.” And as Henry David Thoreau opined, “Our truest life is when we are in dreams awake.”

I have to go with HDT on this one..

Words and Music by Gary Wayne Clark; a.k.a., Ten Bears & Earamas.
Arrangements, Recording Engineering, Production by Gary Wayne Clark.
SFX and Nature Sounds by Gary Wayne Clark.
Electric Bass, Synthesized Bass, Acoustic Guitars, Keyboards, Synthesizers, Drums and Rattles by Gary Wayne Clark.
Lead Guitars by Alexandra Nicole ‘Spice’ Clark.
Lead Vocals on In My Dream by Alexandra Nicole Clark and Gary Wayne Clark.
Lead Vocals and Backup Vocals on all other songs by Gary Wayne Clark.
Spoken Words in Arapaho, Hopi, Shawnee, Spanish and English by Gary Wayne Clark.
Rhythm Guitar by Rob ‘Coyote Feather’ Leavitt on Logan’s Lament.
Percussion by Shilo ‘Stro’ Stroman on In My Dream, River of Lost Souls and Logan’s Lament.
Acoustic Percussion tracks recorded with Riley at the Downtown Artery, Ft. Collins, Colorado.

All songs and final album Master Rendering with LANDR.

Dead Balance © 2018 Gary Wayne Clark. All Rights Reserved.