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Gary Clail
United Kingdom
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Brilliant new album by Gary Clail Sound System featuring Gary Clail and Tony Wrafter. Ten brand-new recordings by Gary Clail and his Sound System. There is a bonus track only on the CD.

The new album 'Violence' from the ubiquitous Gary Clail is a stab at the heart of the establishment. With his increasingly appreciated take on major global issues and laced with his incisive humor, 'Violence' considers the effects of war in Syria, the corruption of successive inept governments, the plague of neoliberalism, and the astonishing arrogance of our rulers. Recalling 'The Town Crier' and the sonorous peal of church bells as an early-warning system, 'Violence' emphasizes the necessity of a call to arms in the struggle to liberate the disenfranchised many from the tyranny of the increasingly wealthy few.

Produced by Dub Master Mixers Andy Chapman and Gary Clail, the album is a vindication of the years of excellent dub-style Clail has provided for us. With the addition of Tony Wrafter playing horns and woodwind, they have both constructed and dub-structured vistas of compelling sound bites to live by. 'Violence' is a 'must-hear' experience you cannot miss.
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