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Ezra Vancil
About "Goodbye Grandpas"
Goodbye Grandpas Lyrics & Credits

goodbye cowboys
goodbye whiskey
goodbye cigarettes
goodbye mornings with leftover gravy
and afternoons we slept
goodbye world war
goodbye union
goodbye and bombs away
goodbye steel cars
And all the ruins
we're building up every day
he said it all before
So there was nothing left to say
he got what he came for
to watch it all just slip away
I guess,
so goodbye
goodbye watches
that hang from an old chain
goodbye John Wayne
goodbye angels
And goodbye devils
you're looking more and more the same
goodbye Oreos
goodbye steel-toes
goodbye JFK
goodbye Bonnie
and goodbye Clyde
I hear you had a rough day
did he wake up one morning
to see that o’l watch had ticked-away
and he’d heard it all before
So there was nothing I could say
I guess
But, Goodbye
goodby playboys
goodbye Christmas toys
goodbye silhouette
framed by the old tv
In a chair, he called ‘easy’
that’s where we slept
goodbye grandpas
goodbye grandsons
goodbye every day
goodbye real tall Santa Claus
I knew it was you anyway

Horns - Danny Flam: recording engineer, trumpets, trombones and french
keyboards - Ezra Vancil
Acoustic Guitar – Ezra Vancil
Violin - Doug Hamilton
Cello, String Arrangements - Michael G. Ronstadt
Music & Lyrics Ezra Vancil
Mixed By – David Castell
Bass – Jonathan Estes
Piano - Jonathan Estes
Drums – Chris Brush
from The Family Songbook, released October 10, 2020
Produced by Ezra Vancil

an American singer/songwriter based in Dallas, Texas. While in the past he has written and recorded in the rock, pop, andexperimental genres, a more mature Vancil has now found a sense of permanent belonging and connection within the community of Americana artists.Ezra also has a love and fascination with the rhythms and percussion of India as well as some Latin territories; his long term appre... more
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