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About "UBUNTU Ft Joliza, Xhanti Nokwali"
Title: Ubuntu
Artist: Edgar Muzah feat. Joliza, Xhanti Nokwali

Edgar Muzah teams up with fellow artists Joliza and Xhanti Nokwali to create this beautiful tune that addresses the importance of “UBUNTU/HUMANITY” amongst the human race.

Ubuntu/Humanity" is a soul-stirring anthem that beautifully sheds light on the paramount importance of kindness in humanity. This poignant song, a collaborative effort featuring the incredibly talented Joliza and Xhanti Nokwali, captures the essence of Ubuntu, an African philosophy that emphasizes the interconnectedness of all individuals.

The song's lyrics delve deep into the healing power and transformative impact of kindness. Through a heartfelt composition, it invites listeners to reflect on their own actions and inspires them to cultivate compassion and empathy towards one another. The distinct vocal harmonies of Joliza and Xhanti Nokwali weave together seamlessly, painting a picture of unity and togetherness.

With its captivating melody and powerful messages, "Ubuntu/Humanity" acts as a profound reminder that in a world where division and conflicts often prevail, it is acts of kindness that can bridge gaps and sow the seeds of peace and understanding.

Joliza's soulful vocals enhance the song's message, emphasising the need for understanding and acceptance. Her powerful voice elevates the track, invoking a sense of unity amongst listeners. Meanwhile, Xhanti Nokwali's harmonies harmoniously blend with the heartfelt lyrics, amplifying the emotional depth of the song.

Through the enchanting soundscape of "Ubuntu/Humanity," Edgar Muzah, with the support of Joliza, Xhanti Nokwali and the incredible production skills of Mthokozisi Mabuza who co-produced the song managed to give life to this beautiful tune.