Influences: North African , Mediterranean
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November 2023 #6 - Top 40 for North African Influence Beside You - أنا معك (track)
November 2023 #3 - Top 40 for North African Influence Raven Lashes - كحلة الأشفار (track)
October 2023 #3 - Top 40 for North African Influence Raven Lashes - كحلة الأشفار (track)
2 times in the Global Top 40
Meriem Ben Amor and Carmen Rizzo's relationship is one for the ages. It all started when Meriem, a huge fan of the two-time Grammy nominee producer Carmen Rizzo, reached out to him to discuss working on her debut album together. Meriem sent Carmen a short A Cappella recording and Carmen was instantly hooked. The two of them have been creating together ever since, releasing albums, EPs, and singles, and even co-founding their own band, Didon.

Didon is a unique blend of Arabic and North African influences with modern electronic and synth elements. The band benefits from Meriem's incredible vocals, original melodies, and thought-provoking lyrics, as well as Carmen's intricate production and sound design expertise.

Meriem's writing is renowned for its clever use of double meanings in lyrics, which can be perceived as both romantic ballads and as nuanced musings on her Arabic and North African heritage. In her melody composition, Meriem places a strong emphasis on prosody to create melodies that enhance the meaning of the lyrics.

Despite working together non-stop, Meriem and Carmen have never met in person. They often talk about the day they will finally meet and where and how they will make that special day happen. This is a story of two artists brought together by their love of music and their undeniable chemistry.