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Derrik Jordan
About "Fulani Bounce"

Fulani bounce is a melody that I wrote a few years ago and thought that it sounded very African. I brought it with me to Senegal in 2013 and played it for Massamba Diop and he started smiling and getting all happy and I asked him why. He told me this was a Fulani song. How bizarre - I had unconsciously written it even though I had never heard the original. When he played me the original it was very similar. Ha! Fulani Bounce features Saraba on fula flute which gives it a distinctive flavor and regional style. It also includes the hoddu of Barou Sall and the calabash of Baydi Sall. I am playing the 5 string electric violin and other percussion and bass.

Living in southern Vermont, Derrik Jordan has sung national jingles, worked with many bands and has had his songs recorded by other artists, but what really excites him is writing, recording and performing his original music.

He is an award-winning singer-songwriter and composer, multi-instrumentalist (electric violin, percussion, guitar and piano), recording artist and produce... more
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