Influence: India , Middle Eastern
About "Samaye Gele"
Samaye Gele (Lyrics Lalon Fakir; music trad. arr. by Baul Meets Saz)
Musicians: Emre Gultekin - saz
Sanjay Khyapa - oud, rebab
Malabika Brahma - vocals
Vardan Hovanissian - duduk
Annemie Osborne - cello
Lalon Fakir was a famous Bengali philosopher, Baul saint, mystic, Baul ideology-based songwriter, social reformer, and thinker from the Indian subcontinent. His ideology and compositions inspired and influenced many poets, social and religious thinkers including Rabindranath Tagore and Allen Ginsberg. This song speaks about the two important factors ; time and vision of life. Time cannot be preserved, the time which passes becomes past, time which is unseen is the future which is uncertain. We cannot control past nor future uncertainties, but we can definitely utilise the value of the present-day.