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Influence: East European
About "Žito / Rye"
We’ve found this song from the Trenčín region in the collected songbook Slovenské spevy.
When we rehearsed it, we realised that the old notation is suffocating – there was no time to
breathe in. So we added a beat and complicated the music a bit and voila, we got ourselves a
darling irregular rhythm. We composed the interplay ourselves to intensify the atmosphere of
soon-to-be-fulfilled erotic desire.

Ooh, wheat, wheat, green wheat
Tell me, my dear girl
Will we reap it

Ooh, wheat, wheat, but it’s green
We’ll reap it my Johnny
When it’s ripe

Ooh, ears, ears, loaded ears
We’ll start to reap
Tonight I think

Ooh, rose, rose, red rose
My dearest lovely girl
Met a man

She met a man and I a woman
They can’t cast us out
From that field my dear