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About "Záhrada / Garden"
The basis for the music is an Indian Punjabi motif and the first two couplets come from
Podlužie in the Nitra region. Everything else is completely made up – we couldn’t stand such
a ghastly fate for anyone’s true love.

Up the garden, down the garden
They lead my girlfriend to a wedding

They lead her to a wedding but she won’t be marrying me
I wish she was taken to hell

Today they’ll take her; tomorrow she’ll wear a bonnet
I wish she never escaped hell

Never escaped hell, burnt to ashes
Just for the little words she was telling me

She has, she has, she has, she has
She has left me
She has left me in hell

She tweeted all those beautiful words
That she’ll forever be mine

She chirruped all those sweet talks
That she’ll promise me her love at the altar

She has…

She hugged me and caressed my cheeks
Said she won’t give up her boy for the whole world

She kissed me and died from love
I wish this girlfriend burnt in hell to ashes

She has…

Everything was just lies
I wish she sizzled in hell’s pot

In hell’s pot in hell’s centre
So the Satan could supervise

She has…

She’d look up to Satan with her blue eyes
And he surely would have to release her from his power

He’d have to release her back to our world
And would summon me to hell instead

She has…

I would suffer for her forever
And she would happily raise children

She will laugh with her husband all day and night
And I will burn in hell forever, Amen