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Influence: India
Genre: world fusion
About "Humours Of Autorickshaw"
Join us on a wild and crazy ride through Oliver Schroer’s polyrhythmic masterpiece, with additional composition by mrdangam maestro (and Suba’s father) Dr. Trichy Sankaran.

What we do, when we get to
Spend the time and do the things we want to
We like to play a tune
That jumps around, and activates the brain,
And then you see what we do gets inside you
Starts to move, and subtly excites you
Eyes widen, heart rate risin’
Bit surprisin’, fun on the horizon
Makes you come out of your seat just a little

We love when the elements of melody and rhythm
Dance, so much like two old-school hoofers in a battle
No one is winning, yet polyrhythmic phrases
Dizzy the mind with virtuosity and sense of play
So we say that you should just get up
And get into the groove, ‘cause

When you do as you ought to
And you let the melody and rhythm
Just slip down in your pants, and
Set your hips in oscillating motion
Then you will find that it stands to reason
Where the hips go feet will have to follow
Oh no! – the torso flow is good to go
And now we’re in control 'cause then you will see that
Everything is better when

You, all your friends and neighbours
Right across the world engage
In this polyrhythmic madness that we’re servin’
All that we want is for your hunger to be assuaged!
So let all the metric modulations make you sway
And they may allow you to get down
And get into the groove the Autorickshaw way!

from The Humours of Autorickshaw, released 10 November 2013
Oliver Schroer/Trichy Sankaran; original lyrics by Andrew Craig and Suba Sankaran
Music © Big Dog Music/Trichy Sankaran
Lyrics © 2013 Suba Sankaran/Andrew Craig/Opus Nopus Music
Arranged by Andrew Craig and Autorickshaw

Suba Sankaran: lead vocals
Ed Hanley: tabla
Justin Abedin: guitars
Rich Brown: electric bass
Andrew Craig: synth and orchestral programming
Jaron Freeman-Fox: violin and Indian fiddle
Patrick Graham: cowbell
Larnell Lewis: drum kit