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About "ICARUS - part 1: Skyward (multiple odd signatures)"
I composed "ICARUS", in the mid 90s and recorded in Paris in 1997 with my group Meltin'Pot (full credits at the end of the video).
"ICARUS" features 3 distinct parts: it opens with an improvised intro ad lib, followed by the first rhythmic movement named "Skyward" and concluded by the last movement called "The Flight".
In this video you'll hear the intro and "Skyward", while "The Flight" will be featured in the next video.
The theme of this first composition, Skyward, is one of a kind as each phrase, although throughly separated by 4 or 8 bars of 4 beats have their own peculiar odd time signature which, at least to my knowledge, was never done before.
Here's the phrases sequence: 10/8, 23/8, 27/8, 24/8, 27/8, 22/8, 18/8, 10/8, 10/8, 26/8.
Have fun counting it out for yourself!

"ICARUS" can be found in my CD "DANCING WORLDS" available at, iTune, Amazon and other leading music web stores.