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January 01/10/23, 2023
PREMIERE: The Flip Phones Debut Their Music Video for the Hauntingly Sweet Single \ The Flip Phones are the rising folk rock duo whose music answers their burning questions about life and existence. They explore themes of human v. nature and light v. darkness within their indie folk rock sound. But even as they ponder such big questions, they don’t take themselves too seriously.

“Telling tales from the world around us helps us reflect on our own stories, and, we hope, helps listeners understand theirs as well,” The Flip Phones share.

They have just released their new video for their moving single “Fly Back to You.” The folk rock song mostly lies in minor as it explored devoted and unrequited love. The song was inspired by the story of the Australasian gannet named Nigel. The Australasian gannet is known as the world’s loneliest seabird, and Nigel has eyes only for one other, who happened to be made of stone.
“We made this video with Luke Justin Roberts from LJR Creative as part of his Amplify events, which provide the opportunity for local artists to shoot videos in music studios in the DC area,” shares the duo. “This video was filmed at Ivakota studio in DC and was shot in a single take with no post-production editing. Luke did a great job of working with us to capture the lonely and sad but sweet atmosphere of the song.”

The one-shot video complements the lyrics and musical tone of this sad, yet sweet story. It feels as though they are telling you this story personally. You get to see their process and how the music moves through them. You can feel the passion for the music and see their love for what they do. Something about the one shot format of the video makes the message of the song all the more clearer.

“Imagine a lonely bird in a lonely place, devoted to a concrete statue,” says Lindsey. “It’s sad in a way, which we tried to capture with the tone of the song, but it’s also really sweet and inspiring. Love knows no bounds.”

The Flip Phones are Ryan and Lindsey. Ryan (guitar, vocals) is a self-taught musician who grew up trying to emulate The Beatles, The Kinks, and Blur. He draws on these influences and more when devising unconventional chord progressions and arrangements, challenging The Flip Phones to innovate with sound and form. His musical background complements Lindsey’s years of classical piano lessons and stints in symphonic and marching bands. Lindsey (keyboard, flute, melodica, vocals) builds on the intriguing guitar parts, crafting melodies and hooks into fledgling earworms. She never forgot her strong roots in music theory, sometimes throwing in triplets and other musical flourishes.

Watch "Fly Back to You" now: