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December 12/08/22, 2022
\'Layers of Identity\' is Tara Novak\'s Newest Album Exploring What it Means to Be Human "My producer Robert Smith and I have been friends for many years, working together frequently on other people’s projects. Even still, it was a complete shot in the dark when I asked Robert if he wanted to produce my album – he had recorded and produced so many amazing artists, I had no idea if he would be interested or have time for this," reveals singer/songwriter Tara Novak. "The great news was that he immediately said, 'yes!' The bad news was that I hadn’t actually written anything yet, so I needed to get busy creating songs. We took our time finding the other person to be involved in the production, eventually deciding on Chris Hierro. Chris is a phenomenal keyboard player and programmer and comes from a completely different musical background than me. He was able to bring a lot of pop sensibility to the arrangements and help bring to life all the quirky sound ideas I requested."

Tara Novak delivers with her alt pop album 'Layers of Identity.' It's is a beautiful ode to life’s complexity, opening with a quirky pop song of love renewed and concluding with an uplifting reminder to live each moment to its fullest. This album tells a story that is both personal and universal.

Tara's voice is almost operatic as she carries each note with care and precision. Her orchestration elements in her songs create a sense of majesty and passion for her craft. Her lyrics reveal her purpose behind her album. Music connects us and 'Layers of Identity' is hopes to connect us through hope an love.

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