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May 05/24/22, 2022
\'For You, The Garden\' Touches the Souls of All Ages Artist, musician, filmmaker, teacher, gardener, beekeeper, parent, and partner, “Wurmy Wormfield,” aka Charles Herman-Wurmfeld, has been a dedicated artist from the age of 13. Many have experienced the Silverlake, California-based entertainer and filmmaker’s onscreen work. Yet, few are familiar with his decade of creative work helping overturn a Los Angeles public-school parking lot, and transform it into a community garden and educational center. This call to action inspired a magical personal journey that brought forth a lifelong love of music, birthed the alter-ego Wurmy Wormfield and has culminated in the sweetly opulent folk-pop, debut album, 'For You, The Garden.'

'For You, The Garden' may be aimed at children, but even adults can find themselves singing and dancing along to his groove filled songs. The album has 19 songs and covers every topic under the sun. He sings about the Big Bang, compassion, empathy, climate change, and even our collective relationship to the land. Each song has catchy rhythm and a fun styling and vocals like Leonard Cohen.

'For You, The Garden' was inspired by the community garden that Wurmy helped make in Silverlake back in 2008. He joined his neighbors and community to create the garden in an overturned parking lot. It took a year to complete, but when it was, Wurmy could see the joy it brought to people. Timeless ideals of returning land to nature, community gathering around common, shared spaces, and the awe of watching nature bloom and cycle made a mystical impact on him. He was in many ways re-born & had no other choice but to sing about it.

For You, The Garden features original, storyteller songs, delicately adjusted popular covers, and well-loved traditional tunes. Wurmy quippily calls his music “veggie-alt, consciousness-pop” and it brims with humor, buttery male vocals and orchestral accompaniment. A conceptual touchstone for this project is Harry Nilsson’s immersive album and animated film experience, The Point!

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