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Nuweku Beat is a 10-piece "Afro-groove" band based in Amsterdam, led by master drummer Yusuf Nuweku from Ghana. Based on complex African rhythms, our unique and irresistible fusion of Afrobeat and jazzy funk (with a touch of Latin and reggae here and there), combined with our energetic stage performance, is guaranteed to make any crowd move.

We're inspired by great musicians such as Fela Kuti and Ebo Taylor.

In previous incarnations, we were known as Zuluwannsago and Yusuf's Beat, and we've performed at many venues and festivals in Holland but also in Belgium, Germany, and Morocco.

Nuweku Beat has recently released a 4-track digital EP called "Jungle Music," and we are planning to release a full album too.

We are ready to play any stage in Holland or abroad, and we are looking forward to working with a booking agent for our mutual benefit.

Interested? Please contact us at yusufnuweku@gmail.com.

Looking for bookings,

0684282208 Joseph Nuweku
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