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About "Madam History"
From the album "Alice in the Land of Wounds" 2016

We are a suspicious face hidden around the corner
with a hi collar coat biting a cigar
A match lighting just like a camera's flash
will reveal our intentions in Madam's album

We are a wild raging beast in the rain
our nose covered in blood,our eyes full of madness
A lightning moment just like a camera's flash
will reveal our menu in Madam's album

We are tied up on roofs, at the mercy of the slaughterer
placed all together like bodies of Promitheas
the red colors of the dawn approaching will become genocide flames
disappearing the great Offense from Madam's album

In one Last Supper we are the ones betrayed
in the biggest hug we are the ones running late
The hand that pushed us onto the land of Exile
will vanish the great Promise from Madam's album

Oh, time-fugitives is what we are, hawks and rats
In a horny Universe we are the burning semen
When the blade of the guillotine claps like a director's clapperboard
our "portrait" will be hanged on Madam's wall