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First Place for Migala with track "Pizzingara" in World Music Charts Ethnocloud

by Migala
Mar 10, 2015

Thanks to all fans and listeners on the net and in the world!

First Place for Migala with track "Pizzingara" in World Music Charts by Ethnocloud - February: East European


Starting with a classic citation ( the opening of the Zigeunerweisen De Sarasate ) the first part is steeped in the music of Eastern Europe, especially the gypsy tradition. The second part is a “pizzica”, sung this time not in the dialect of “Salento”- as usual - but in the dialect of “Andria”. In the final part there are changes of structure of musical rhythm: a transition in reggae sound, a bit of folk- prog and “pizzica”, to end up again with the Balkan music.


Ioië veleivë chess menne tutt chioinë dë chëliur
ma, u cille iè tutt grigge, i me veinë l’appëchendròië
preparoimë r’ valigë, scappòimë nande a chessa mortë
stattë sëchiurë ca nisciunë t’aprë r’ portë

I na portë ca nan si aprë, iè cumà nu cunfinë
pe furzarlë me servë na mòinë, ma nzimme a mà nge stè nisciunë
i rèite nu pizzë stè nu vecchiariddë assettoitë
i deceivë me canesceivë, i tenèivë na chioivë ‘n cann

“Uè chembèire moië, chessa chiovë a crò t servë?”
I u’ vecchj me respennòië “T’aprë la chèip, i t’apre u coure!”
“Dimmë u frèite mje cumà te la retroivë?”
“Pe na vita tribuoitë, ioië la sò aspettoitë!”

I’d like a world full of color,
but the sky is all gray and melancholic.
We prepare our bags to run away from this desolation,
but, don’t think that someone could help me to open the “doors”!

A door that doesn’t open is like a border line,
i need to open it, but with me there is no one to help me.
Around the corner there is an old man sat,
says he knows me and holds a key to the neck.

I asked him: “What do you do with this key?”
He replied: “This key will open your mind and your heart!”
“And tell me... how did you find it?”
“Thanks to a life of labor and sacrifice!”

Listen "Pizzingara": http://ethnocloud.com/migala/?song=3492&b=2517