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About "Juffureh Band of Sukuta in The Gambia: »Jeghema« (»Sayaa«, 2020)"
cf. https://juffurehband.wordpress.com / juffurehband.bandcamp.com

JUFFUREH BAND FROM SUKUTA IN THE GAMBIA, West-African Music Ensemble formerly also known as Super Juffureh Band International. Founded in the 1980 years around the Jarju brothers—meanwhile internationally known—still existing and productive. This is the band's official Google Inc. YouTube account. Band Homepage: https://juffurehband.wordpress.com – Digital Music distribution: juffurehband.bandcamp.com. Contact: Mamina Jarju, Sukuta / The Gambia, and Sam Jarju, Leipzig/Germany (sam_jarju@gmx.net, international call +491743458450) or social-media FaceBook network (see below).

The Intellectual Properties and Copyrights on the ensemble's musical recordings, on video, image and sound in general, are protected. Please contact us if you want to purchase our music, wish to broadcast, remix or distribute it, wish interview, concert or new recording with our ensemble or in any other concern. (Please feel duty also to report to us copyright infringement of our music.) Thankfully JBS