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About "JUFFUREH BAND OF SUKUTA IN THE GAMBIA (Intercultural Africa Festival »1000 Drums«, Leipzig/Germany – Sukuta / The Gambia) 2020"
Part of the 2020 2nd international Inter- and Sociocultural African Festival 1000 Drums an African Drums series of events and concert at The Gambia

cf. https://1000drums.yilp.de/category/festival-2020/ for an overview
cf. https://1000drums.yilp.de/festival-2020-in-gambia-1000-african-drums/ for photographs
cf. https://1000drums.yilp.de/audiofeature-vom-2-interkulturellen-afrikafestival-1000-african-drums-audiofeature-aus-gambia-mit-grussbotschaften-musik-und-interviews/ for audio-feature
cf. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SbSWjYMB2Gg&list=PLWaET7XwrW4I9Q5E5KbEpSJuFnr0JZPVG&pp=iAQB for YouTube's festival playlist

ON THE JUFFUREH BAND OF SUKUTA IN THE GAMBIA consult their official homepages: cf. https://juffurehband.wordpress.com with all futher information, media, music, photographs, story and music distribution (current albums)