About "Τεριρέμ - Βασίλης Ναλμπάντης/Terirem - Vasilis Nalbantis"
With great respect for the Byzantine music as well as the Greek Orthodox Church i present my version of my favorite ''Terirem'' arranged for and performed by brass instruments. I am using my signature ''Nalbantis'' Microtonal trumpet(developed by me and Lechner) as well as a bass trumpet and a valve trombone. This tune is part of my album ''Byzantine music through the Microtonal Trumpet'' coming out on 24.02.2023.

A few words about the ''Terirem''.
Terirem is a chant used in the Orthodox church during different masses.
It has a couple of functional reasons for existing such as to elongate the duration of the mass or to be used as a practice and demonstration of the abilities of the composer and chanter.
But most importantly, it is used to connect the angels with the human kind. As the angels, without pause are chanting to God divine melodies using unintelligible words(such as Terirem, tenena etc), so do we humans sing using these sounds, to praise Him, transforming our bodies into instruments, thus transcending words and our mortal world as well.

In this video i am playing the Terirem as it was sang by the Monks of Simonopetra Monasteri(Terirem 2) in the album Psaumes Du Mont Athos.