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About "Flamenco Odyssey ( I. Sailing, Fandango con Buleria)"
Odyssey is a voyage. Odysseus is me, it’s you, it’s every single person who chooses to go through adventures in order to reach the harbor of self realization.
This record is my own Odyssey. I walk past the forms of flamenco, experiencing them from the point of view of a traveler who carries flavours and timbres of both eastern and western cultures. The tracks in this record are actually moments of this walk.

This track is composed in the form of an ouverture. In fact, it is a fantaisie on two Spanish dances: fandango and buleria. The rhythm pattern of ¾ of fandango creates a sense of circular movement reminding listeners of the sea waves and becomes more intense and adventurous in the buleria of the second part where tempo doubles. It’s the beginning of the voyage….