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November 11/02/16, 2016



"When you go to Canada or somewhere else, they will ask you about Trinity and he is one of our own"

BTV news


“As a professional musician, Trinity is conscientious, creative and always working to please his audiences.”

Moagi Madisa, Botswana Unplugged (Jan 13, 2016)



“It was evident from our first few minutes of discussion that Trinity is driven and hard working. Less than 3 years in Canada and he's impatient, wanting to fulfill his goals and aspirations. A true music entrepreneur.”

Shy Alter (Aug 05,)


"His songs involve layers of driving polyrhythms underneath strong vocals and rhythm guitar, with keyboards and horn to add to the melodic mix...He had the audience obediently to its feet and dancing on the second song.

Arts and Culture Maven (Nov 25, 2012)


 “After an extensive apprenticeship with local Afro jazz giants, Trinity Mphoeng has become his own master and seems to have borrowed from different styles to make the debut album Theohang a success. Listening to his music, you could also feel that he took time to compose the album. Trinity, who used to be a traditional dancer, says traditional music also had an influence on him and that his music is addressing the preservation of the Setswana culture.” Trinity started singing at the age of nine in church in his home village of Bobonong. When he moved to Gaborone for university, he developed his talent as a gospel singer. After five years in the gospel music industry, Trinity began his career in jazz. He worked with several jazz icons in Botswana before releasing his debut album, Theohang, in 2011.”

- Lekopanye Mooketsi, MMEGI BOTSWANA (Mar 10,)