A Platform for Ethnically and Culturally Inspired Music
Basia Songin - vocal, everyday objects - kitchen grater
Kasia Kapela - vocal, everyday objects - kitchen board
Zosia Barańska - vocal, everyday objects - kitchen blender

Our debut album WIANO was registered in familiar and well-known, though slightly unusual circumstances – in the kitchen and forest – places which in an interesting and special way influence their sound. WIANO will lead the listener through the soundscapes of everyday life which whilst expressing an Intimacy within four walls also introduces an open and joyful experience for a larger gathering. We sing in the kitchen, we sing in the bathroom, with the window open and by the fireplace, pouring tea, baking a cake or listening to the ticking of the clock, from walking in the woods to siting on a bench by the house or on a bridge by a lake.