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About "Kabhi Kaha Na Kisi Se"
This a Cover of Old Classic Ghazal originally sung by Noor Jehan ji and then Asha Bhosle ji. We have Redesigned this song newly and presented it to you in my voice. Music recording, voice dubbing, and mixing were done in Kolkata. Please listen, comment and would appreciate it a lot if you can all share if you like the music video. Hopefully, you will enjoy it.

Singer: Suparna Biswas
Music Arrangements : Shourya Ghatak (Pintu)
Music Programming: Pronab Banerjee
Flute: Bubai Nandi
Tabla & Dhol: Jai Nandi
Guitars:- Shourya Ghatak (Pintu)
Recording Engineer: Goutam Basu, Studio Vibrations, Kolkata
Mixed & Mastered by Siddheswar Banerjee, Studio Acoustica, Kolkata
Video by Jay Bhadra & team
Thumbnail design: Mann Singh

Original song credits
Singer: Noor Jehan
Music Director: Nazar Hussain
Lyrics: Qamar Jalalvi
This Ghazal song was also sung by Asha Bhosle ji from the album KASHISH.