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About "We Rise"
We Rise, by Somdatta is an ode to the un putdownable "Nari Shakti" or Woman Power. We Rise is a portrayal of individual and collective consciousness, through music and dance, where the participating artists address the social evil of domestic violence against women and, stand by and salute Nari Shakti.

The video features artists from the US showcasing the social evil and a motivational and inspiring call via a set of modern dance and Indian classical dance movements backed by a unique set of instrumentation by musicians based in India. The details of the production and song and video credits are noted below. The new single features newly written lyrics in the languages of Bengali (Bangla) and Sanskrit that depict this social cause.

Concept and Direction: Somdatta
Producer: Hank Paul

Dance Choreography: Somdatta and Rebecca Brodowski
Performers: Rebecca Brodowski, Darci Erickson, Somdatta

Credits for Music
Vocals and Harmony: Somdatta
Music arrangement and programming: Prattyush Banerjee
Song and Harmony Composition: Prattyush Banerjee
Lyricist, Bangla- Sugata Guha
Lyricist, Sanskrit- Neha Krishana Kumar

Sarode: Prattyush Banerjee
Pakhawaj and Tabla: Joydeb Nandi
Guitars and Bass: Raja Chowdhury
Flute: Sushanta Nandi
Voice recorded at Crystal Clear Recording Studio, Pennsylvania by Joey Heir
Music track recorded, mixed, and mastered by Goutam Basu at Studio Vibrations, Kolkata

Video Credits
Filmmaker: Gabriel Davila Luciano
Lighting: Zoey Montplaisir

We Rise - Lyrics and Translation

Bengali Lyrics and Translation
Andhokar Buke Jodiye Ami Aloye Kedechi
Rokte Bheja Roddur Tate Abar Pudechi (2)
Chorus: Pore Thak Kone Ek Joto Amar Porichoye
Chokhe Jol Haraleyo Mone Dag Mocha Daye (2)

There was dazzling light all around me, but I cried in an abyss of despair and darkness.
The ray of the sun was never a drop of gold ....to me it was a ball of fire that only burns.
Let my identity lie in a corner
I have no more tears to shed though my mind cannot erase the pain that it is carrying.

Sanskrit Verse and Translation
Aakranditvantah Taditvantah vranitvantah te kritvantah
N niraasheebhoota naamriye ahamanujivitvati dridnishchaya
Nechchhamyaham pratyuttaram daatum n pratikaaram kadapi ch
Jeevitum kartum srashtum moditum ichchhamyaham sada

Shouted, hit, wounded; they did
Not devoid of hope, did not die, I survived with unflinching belief
I don’t wish to evoke a response or ever to seek revenge
I wish to live, do, create and be happy, always.

Bengali Lyrics 2 and Translation
Pude Chai Howa Mon Tobu Surja Hote Chai
Ami Agun Pakhi Tai Chokhe Sopne Jege Roye

Although my mind feels like ashes it aspires to be the shining sun
My eyes dream of being a Phoenix Bird

Sanskrit 2 Verse and Translation
Sa ka pruchchhati darpanah satat ya sehte va n broote ch
Vadaamyaham ya sa smayate oohte rehte dyotate ch
Swavalambini sa swayamshasita svavrittisampanna ya
Srishtyah kritih viditvaatmanam ya srishti kartri sa

Who is she, the mirror asks, one who tolerates unceasingly and does not speak?
I say she is one who smiles, expresses, evolves, and shines
She is self-reliant, self-ruled, and endowed with self-sufficiency
She is a creation of nature in having known self is the one who is the creator of nature

Bengali Lyrics 3 and Translation
Alote Bhoriye Jabo Adhar Periye (2)
Chorus- Jag Agun Pakhi Ar Here Jawa Ar Noye (3)

I wish to travel toward the light-filled skies
Rise Phoenix Bird, we will not lose in this battle ( meaning we will rise through our struggles and not give in).