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About "LAMENT FOR A DYING OCEAN - Small Island Big Song ft' Putad"
First up this was a difficult song for us especially for Putad who now has to relive the emotions plummeted in this song onstage.

Small Island Big Song is a collaboration of artists from across the Pacific & Indian oceans united over our concerns and love for our island homes, so mostly we want to celebrate, keep the vibe up, enjoy our creative connection, but we can’t ignore the reality we are living.

Our ocean is changing, we are all watching the colours fade from our coral reefs, becoming smothered in grey moss and the fish leave. The big picture is if global temperatures reach 1.5 degrees over 90% of the worlds coral reefs will die, it is happening now! These reef systems are a vital part of the oceans ecosystem, home and the nurseries to a quarter of all sea life.

This where Putad (Indigenous Amis musician from Taiwan) sings ‘Lament for a Dying Ocean’ from; as the producer it was one of the hardest asks I have made to an artist to sing from the place of loss for theirs and their peoples land.

Tim Cole, Small Island Big Song music producer.

Lament’ also features Emlyn of Creole heritage from Mauritius & Sauljaljui of Paiwan heritage from Taiwan.

#SaveOurOceans #PlasticFreeOceans #ClimateAction