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About "Sogor (Small Island mix) - Small Island Big Song ft' The Leweton Cultural Experience"
Dedication - Naturally this song is dedicated to water. Even though 70% of the Earth is covered by water, only 2% of the water on Earth is fresh water and just 1% is accessible.

Ft' The Leweton Cultural Experience
Song - Sogor

The Leweton Cultural Group run a cultural village in Louganville on Espititu Santo Island, Vanuatu. But there homeland is In the remote Banks Islands of Vanuatu (not remote for them of course, Brunswick st Melbourne is remote for them). They established the cultural village to raise an income to be able to support their village in the Banks, so it's a brilliant way of keeping community and culture strong at the same time, all managed by them. In particular Sandy Sur who instigated it all.

I (Tim the director of Small Island Big Song) went there to make a cd for the village to sell to th tourists, but they said they would rather a DVD, so on a couple of basic cameras I made a film. It's that footage which you see here and that is apart of the Small Island Big Song project.

The water music is really quite recent, and was developed from traditional water play and games into music, the song is a traditional work song for planting taro or pulling in the fishing net, It is sung in Mwerlap, an Austronesian language.

Small Island Big Song is a project uniting Musicians across the Pacific and Indian Oceans, by recording music on their traditional land in the language and with instruments of that place, all in nature. To connect our hearts to the Earth, for climate action.

You can get the song here and learn stacks more.

Written by Tim Cole.

There are credits at the end of the clip.