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About "Ka Va'ai Mai Koe - Reprise (Small Island Mix) - Small Island Big Song Ft' Yoyo Tuki & The Small Island Big Song Village"

For our future
If there’s any thought we would like to seed as the album finishes, we will share this. We are the people of the islands, the saltwater people, as we face an uncertain future, we gift this saying of our culture. ‘Some say the ocean separates us, we say the ocean unites us’.

English title – Give me your hand – reprise
Composer – Yoyo Tuki
Nature sound – Amed beach, Bali, Indonesia.

Featured Artist –
Yoyo Tuki – Rapa Nui - Easter Island – Lead vocals

With –
Siao-Chun Tai – Paiwan - Taiwan - Vocals
Gabriel Bani – Wagadagam - Torres Strait Australia - Warup
Will Kepa - Kulkalgal - Torres Strait Australia - Tharum
Sammy Samoela – Merina - Madagascar - Valiha
Airileke - Motu - Papua New Guinea - Garamuts
The Yumi Yet Bamboo Band – Haku - Bougainville - Monaka
Kuana Torres Kahele – Hawai’ian - Hawai’i - Ipu
Piteyo Ukah – Truku - Taiwan - Qoqaw
Tarika Sammy – Merina - Madagascar - Backing vocals
Jerome Kavanagh – Maori – Aotearoa/New Zealand – Nguru
Alena Murang – Kelabit - Malaysia - sape’
Arthur Borman – Bidayuh - Malaysia - Pratuokng
Poemoana – Tahitian - Tahiti - Tahitian dance
Charles Maimarosia – Are’Are - Solomon Islands – Are’Are dance
Chameleon – Madagascar – crossing the road dance

By Yoyo Tuki in Rapa Nui

Ka va’ai mai koe, tou rima ena
Mo haka maeha, to’oku ara nei
Tou kata ena, me’e tau rahi
Haka kore tahi, te ino mai nei

Te ino mai nei, ooo, mai nei

Ka va’ai mai koe, tou rima ena
Mo haka maeha, to’oku ara nei
To’u kata ena me’e tau rahi
Haka kore tahi Te ino mai nei

Ka Va’ai mai koe I tou rima Ena
Mo Haka maeha To’oku ara nei

Hai hanga te mana’u Ka Haka piri Ena
Mo Haka riva riva
Mo Haka riva riva riva riva riva riva ite ao nei e i e’e’e’e’e

Hai hanga te mana’u Ka Haka piri ena
Mo Haka riva riva
Te ao nei e
Te ao nei e
Te ao nei e

Give me your hand and light my way
your shining smile is so beautiful
makes me forget all sadness
all sadness from here

Give me your hand and light my way
your shining smile is so beautiful
makes me forget all sadness

Give me your hand and light my way
If we were to join our thoughts in love
we would be able to make of the world a better better better place e i e’e’e’e’e

With love, we will unite our thoughts to make of the world a better place
a better place
a better place
a better place

By Siao-Chun Tai in Paiwan

isaceqalj~ senasenai, mapuljat i a o o a *6
Sing, let’s relax and sing together i a o o a *6

A quote by Afan in Pangcah

wusowal no álomanlay paraeray kitalan ku riyar
nikaorira pakayatay kitaanen ku riyal
nalay ko órip ita hato liyar hoto sera

Most say the ocean devides us
We say it’s the ocean unites us
We all share one ocean and island.

Recorded and produced in the field, from the grass roots up. Small Island Big Song is independently owned & managed - A living album, an oceanic songline.

Made possible by
Australia council for the Arts, Winston Churchill Trust, Asialink, Ian Potter Cultural Trust, Creative Victoria, Arts NT, National Culture and Arts Foundation Taiwan, RØDE Microphones, Crumpler Bags, Peace Boat, 600 crowdfunding backers from Taiwan, the trust of the artists & communities and the love from family & friends.

Profit made from the album
1 Fair Trade - 50% of net profits are distributed to the artists & NGOs.
2 All artists are treated equally on two tiers, feature or session artist.
3 Acknowledging Intangible Cultural Heritage as defined in The United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous People by giving selected NGOs (by artists’ choice) a share in net profits.

Music Producer/Sound Engineer/Mixer | Tim Cole
Project Producer/Manager | BaoBao Chen
Packaging Design | Paul Chou
Graphic Design | Jenn Da Costa
Photography | BaoBao Chen & Tim Cole
Cinematography | Tim Cole & BaoBao Chen
Album Mastering | Oli Jacobs & Tim Cole at Real World Studios, UK
Artists Quotes & Interviews | Wayne Furlong
Legal Advisor | Eldar Manor Law Office, Israel
Visual Album Post Production | Tim Cole
Website Design | BaoBao Chen
Papers of the CD package | Hand made using local sugarcane wastes and Tapa cloth fibers in Guangxing Paper Mill, Taiwan.
Translators | Pnnay(Pangcah), Sammy Samoela (Malagasy/Betileo/Merina), Jean Niriko Makozy (Vezo), Gulo Tulo (Selau)

Full thank you list, artist notes, interactive songs’ journeys, photos, videos and stories on our website.

For those who believe we are apart of nature's precious web and not the master of it. This is a gift to you from the Small Island Big Song artists and community.