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Small Island Big Song
About "Omby (Small Island Mix) - Small Island Big Song Ft' Rajery"
15. Omby (Small Island mix)
English title – Zebu
Composer & Lyrics – Rajery
Language – Merina, Madagascar
Nature sound – Farming ploughing the land with a Zebu, Avenue of Baobabs, Madagascar.

Featured Artist –
Rajery – Merina - Madagascar - Valiha & Vocals

With –
Ben Hakalitz – Selau - Bougainville - Kundus
Airileke – Motu – Papua New Guinea – Kundus
Paluai Sook Sook – Baluan – Papua New Guinea - Garamuts
Richard Mogu – Motu - Papua New Guinea - Susap
Goroka Show Sing Sing – Papua New Guinea – Group chants
Will Kepa - Kulkalgal - Zenadth Kes/Torres Strait Australia - Tharum

Be omby maro any aminay any
ampiasaina ny omby hiasa tany e!
ampiasaina ny omby hitanteram bokatra
manontany e! manontany e manontany e! harena aminay any ny omby
ampiasaina ny hitanteram bokatra e
m ampiasaina ny omby hiasa tany manontany! manontany e! manontany e! fahavalon ny omby ny dahalo e
ampiasaina ny omby hiasa tany
ampiasaina ny omby hitanteram bokatra e
manontany manontany e! manontany e:

There is a lot of zebu here
Zebu work the earth
Zebu is used to transport the harvest
I ask I ask I ask
Zebu is a wealth here
Zebu is used to carry crops
Zebu has to work the land
I ask I ask I ask
the enemies of the zebu are the Dahalo (the zebu thief)
Zebu is used to work the land
Zebu is used to carry crops
I ask I ask

Here you will hear those who sing for the seas.

From Taiwan to Aotearoa/New Zealand - Madagascar to Rapa Nui/Easter Island.

Islanders who share an ancient seafaring ancestry and language.

Artists contributed to each others songs recorded and filmed on their homelands in nature, with the instruments and in the language of that place from Sarawak... more
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