Genre: song, blues, rock, pop
2 times in the Global Top 40
About "Water and Fire (Dedicated to JJ Cale)"
Water and Fire is the continuation of the joint adventures of L'Attirail and Sidi Bemol. as well as a beautiful coincidence: without knowing about each other, each loved JJ Cale on their own. Realizing this one fine day, they decided to make a song and video clip the author of After Midnight and so many other musical gems, with a simple aim: to put simple objective: to put this subtle, roundabout tribute online on the 10th anniversary of his death July 26, 2023.
The idea of this clip, which starts outdoors at dusk, is to suggest the presence of JJ Cale. Three musicians (Hocine Boukella, Xavier Demerliac, Eric Laboulle) perform the music of Water and Fire around a fire. Opposite them, in the half-light, sings a man who, little by little, we imagine to be JJ Cale (we recognize a little of his silhouette but you can never really make out his face).
The clip begins with a series of wide shots. The camera gradually to close-ups in the final section. At the end of the last verse, the mysterious singer - who, from all indications, is JJ Cale - leaves the bivouac, and we see the lights of a car driving off into the night.
Whether real or fantasized, it doesn't matter: what's certain is that JJ Cale's music is always with us, universal, timeless and timeless. JJ Cale's music is always with us, universal, timeless and timeless. This simple modest man was, in fact, an immense artist, and now that we know it, we share love for his inspiring work, of which Water and Fire is the result.

Water and Fire : video clip / 3:52 mn / sortie le 26 juillet 2023
réalisatrice : Ira Wizenberg / assistants : Hocine Boukella et Ilan Wizenberg / scénario : Hocine Boukella
production : CSB Productions
casting, musiciens : Hocine Boukella (Sidi Bemol) / Xavier Demerliac / Eric Laboulle / Alexandre Michel (JJ Cale)
musiques : Xavier Demerliac / paroles : Hocine Boukella / chant : Hocine Boukella / guitares : Xavier Demerliac
batterie : Eric Laboulle / claviers : Clément Robin / enregistrement et mixage : Fantin Routon & Xavier Demerliac
extrait de l’album : Honorables Correspondants
à paraître le 8 décembre 2023
© 2023 CSB Productions / Les Chantiers Sonores / L’Autre Distribution

Lyrics : Water and fire (Hocine BOUKELLA / Xavier DEMERLAC) dedicated to JJ Cale

I want to listen to the snow / crunching under our feet
I want to hear the wind / singing with us in the trees
one last time, last time before water and fire

I want to see the red sun / set in the golden sea
I want you to swim again / a few more hours with me
one last time, last time before water and fire

I have spent my whole life / on this black asphalt
I want my love back / I want to see your eyes
one last time, last time before water and fire

© 2023 CSB Productions