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About "Metal Jacket, For Tabla And Harmonium, Composed By Nicole Lizée"
Xenia Pestova, harmonium
From the album, Cycles, by Shawn Mativetsky, on ombu productions.

Inspired by K.K. Downing and Glenn Tipton circa 1983, Metal Jacket explores the raw, gritty qualities of the tabla and harmonium. At points in the work, the roles of the two instruments are reversed as the harmonium produces percussive sonorities and the tabla provides the melodic content through use of the tuning hammer. The work showcases the lower register of the harmonium, exploit- ing its rich, resounding tone, and emphasizing its compulsory need to “breathe.” Like Downing and Tipton, the two sound sources at times intertwine to create detailed harmonic material and synchro- nized grooves. At other times, they trade off in a duel-like fashion.