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About "The Gaisin Shuffle"

***From now until the release of the rest of the new album on March 18, 2022, all of Seth's proceeds from the sale of this track will be donated to the International Rescue Committee (IRC) to aid families displaced by the war in Ukraine.***

"I wasn't planning on releasing this track just yet, but it seemed timely to do so now. I wrote this song in late 2021 and recorded it in January, before any inkling of a Russian invasion of Ukraine had even crossed my radar.
Gaisin is the small Ukrainian village where my grandfather was born and spent his early boyhood. As I was writing this tune, which is a kind of klezmer/jazz hybrid, I was imagining him as a boy, idly sauntering around the village. No child is idly sauntering around any village in Ukraine today."
- Seth

"The Gaisin Shuffle"
composed by Seth Kibel, 2021 (Willard's Melodies, ASCAP)
from the forthcoming digital album "Clarinetflix & Chill," releasing March 18, 2022

Seth Kibel -- clarinet
Ellington Carthan -- keys
Christie Macdonald -- electric guitar
Eliot Seppa -- double bass
Joey Antico -- drums

Recorded and mixed by Jeff Gruber at Blue House Productions, Kensington, Maryland, on January 24, 2022.