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About "Les Merveilles de Guinée - Wonmanini"
Directed by Mamadi Sano, Les Merveilles de Guinée performs at the 3rd edition of the SambaLolo LANYI festival, in Conakry, Guinée, with the theme: "Wonmanini", Le Parapluie De La Guinne.

Les Merveilles de Guinée was formed in 1986 by late Kemoko Sano, dancer, choreographer, and historian. The group has formed many great masters, participated numerous festivals, and has won international recognition and trophies including in United States and Europe.

Kemoko Sano is regarded as one of Guinea’s most revered percussionists and choreographers. In 1973 Guinea’s first President, Ahmed Sekou Toure, invited Sano to serve as the Director of Ballet Joliba. In 1985, Sano was appointed director of choreography for Les Ballet Africains. There, he staged the company’s touring programs: Silo, La Cloche de Hamana, Heritage, and Mandinkalou. Sano then founded his own private company — Ballet Merveilles de Guinee — which immediately distinguished itself by its fresh choreography, percussive ingenuity, and commitment to traditional story-telling.