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About "Rahelica Baila / Jojnes Trojm"
This is a teaser track from Salamander's upcoming third album entitled "Jojnes Trojm: Music from Jewish Traditions and Beyond", due to be released on October 19 2023.

"Rahelica Baila" is a Sephardic Jewish children's song, and "Jojnes Trojm" is an instrumental tune composed by Salamander's fiddle player Jonas Liljeström. It is also the title track of the album. "Jojnes Trojm" means Jonas' Dream in Yiddish, and it is so named because Jonas heard the melody in a dream.

The album will be available for streaming from Spotify, Apple Music, Youtube Music and all the other usual services. It will also be available for paid download from Bandcamp where it is also available for pre-order. Physical copies of the album will be available for purchase from bengans.se (overseas shipping available), or directly from our website at www.liljansmusik.com.