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About "ASUQUO"
'Asuquo' is the 4th track from our new album 'Primitive Fire' (2023 Sango' Records TM). It tells of the virtues of a departed brother and friend, architect, painter, graphic artist and musician, Asuquo Ukpong, a Nigerian of the diaspora who has lived most of his life in New York, USA. His favourite place in Nigeria was The Ocean Club in Lagos, hence the beginning video shots of the Atlantic Ocean.

Here are the song's lyrics:

I met you at a club in uptown New York
I was playing with a band
I said “You're Nigerian'
and I am Etherean”
“My name is Asuquo
and I'm a musician”

And I just knew right there and then
I knew we would be friends
You had passion
But also compassion
clear was your vision
Without division

I cannot believe that you are gone
Even though I ‘m sure for better
We'll meet again when it is time
Forever free, forever light

The City of New York has honoured you,
An accomplished architect
You said no to bribery,
Knew no dishonesty
You never gave in
To all of this vanity

Your passion for guitar was beyond compare
You really gave it all
Some of the knowledge I gave you
Made you a star of the african guitar

What a big joy it was
Just to be your friend
Asuquo, Asuquo
Wherever you are gone
You will shine like a star