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My newest album is 3 hours of music for 10 bucks

Dec 24, 2023
My newest album is 3 hours of music for 10 bucks Hello everyone! If you're not already following me on Bandcamp then you might not know that earlier in 2023 I released an album of my favorite improv sessions from my music streaming on Twitch. It comes out to 22 songs and over 3 hours of music! If you like the music I've shared here on Ethnocloud and are interested in hearing me branch out into more contemporary sounds (but with plenty of acoustic content too) then please go check it out!


And while you're there, make sure and follow me and check out the other albums I've released over the last few years. The stuff I share here on Ethnocloud is just a taste of all of what I have. Thanks for listening!

- Ron