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About "Kumoi Jishi"
This is a Traditional shakuhachi flute album dedicated to the Japanese ambassador and samurai Hasekura Rokuemon Tsunenaga (1571-1622)
In the years 1613 through 1620, Hasekura headed a diplomatic mission to the Vatican in Rome, traveling through New Spain (arriving in Acapulco and departing from Veracruz) and visiting various ports-of-call in
Europe. This historic mission is called the Keichō Embassy (慶長使節), and follows the Tenshō embassy (天
正使節) of 1582.A collection of pieces from the shakuhachi schools, Tozan Ryu, Nezasa Ha, Kinko Ryu and Mu-ryu were selected by Rodrigo for this memorial album and also thematic original compositions inspired in the mission of Hasekura Tsunenaga.