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Quint S Ence
About "Alone"
Alone is a relaxed Chillout Lounge Music, easy listening, downtempo piece, smooth and jazzy, perfect for an evening relaxing, maybe by a swimming pool in a cocktail bar or on a hot summer's evening sat on the beach watching the sunset.
It has an overall oriental atmosphere and feel, a soft piano which performs the main melody played in the A section, interweaves with a classic synth sound in what could be considered the chorus or the B Section, accompanied by a mixture of soft choral vocal sounds and dreamy synth pads and driven by a fusion of oriental, and latin percussion rythms with a smooth almost R&B Bass line at the centre driving the rhythm section. Definitely one for your summer playlist, that won't pound on your eardrums.
Q Quotes
"How sweet the sound of solitude,
nothing but myself, my thoughts,
and the beating of my own heart."
(Quint S Ence)

Quint S Ence a project created by Remo Fiore, is born with the intention of capturing the spirit and soul of the fine art of sound.

Music which he hopes will transport whoever wishes to listen or view into their own personal fifth essence, wherever that may be.

About Remo

I have worked professionally in various sectors of the music environment ... more
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