November 11/09/23, 2023
The song \ The song "Venom" by Quenellx95 explores themes of struggle, perseverance, and the resilience to overcome challenges. The lyrics convey a feeling of being lost and walking in the dark, searching for a better life but feeling hopeless and alone. The artist expresses a desire for light, hope, and survival, relying on faith and spirituality to guide them through difficult times.

The mention of putting faith in God and letting the soul float in the clouds suggests a need for divine intervention and guidance. The repeated line "We can't survive in this night" emphasizes the urgency and desperation for a change in circumstances.

The artist describes the weariness and exhaustion of fighting an internal battle, feeling as though their prayers have been unanswered and their vision clouded. The metaphor of the fog-filled eyes symbolizes a lack of clarity and a struggle to see a way forward. Despite feeling isolated and numb, there is a determination to keep going and "get venom" – possibly representing the empowerment to fight back against negativity and adversity.

The second verse emphasizes a sense of rising above the negativity and hate. The artist compares themselves to a shark, ready to bite back at those who try to bring them down. They express a need to break free from chains and escape the confines of their current situation. The mention of "God give me a strength" and the plea for a pace to settle this devil on their shoulder reflects a desire for strength, resilience, and guidance to overcome personal demons and challenges.

Overall, "Venom" conveys a message of resilience and determination in the face of darkness and adversity. It serves as a reminder to keep pushing forward, relying on faith and inner strength to overcome obstacles.