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Lungile M da christified poet (Biography)

Nov 4, 2023
Lungile M da christified poet (Biography) (Lungile M da christified poet Biography)

Lungile M da christified poet whose real name is Thembalethu Lungile Mdletshe
Born on (May 10, 1994) is an South African poet, writter, podcaster, . known as Professional Lungile M da christified poet, One of the most Best underground raido podcaster, she has often been nominated from INK Awards. 2022 she won an award (Best poet) from Ink awards. Her poet style has been defined as a soul founder, Thembalethu Lungile Mdletshe grown up from Mpangeni and also lived in Mandeni. 2005 she moved to Durban, Enanda where she discovered her talents. She loved being a broadcaster and acting. She didn't like poetry when she was young. But in 2011 She started to love it, She's inspired by Sbu da Poet. Lungile M da christified poet attended the women's conference in Nanda at the Carr Nation International church. where she recited the poem in 2011 from the Love life book. That was her first perfomance. 2020 she started writing poems. The first poem she wrote was called "Remember my heart" 2021 she performed her poems at local events. then she got the chance to be Nominated in the INK Awards. And won her first award. 2023 she was also Nominated from INK awards,
She worn as the best poet and the best female artist.