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Quenellx95 the first Black person singing country pop music Ekasi

Sep 21, 2023
Quenellx95 the first Black person singing country pop music Ekasi from Durban, KwaMashu Section E, Quenellx95 is the first Artist Singing Country Pop Music in KwaMashu, Ntuzuma, Enanda, Including all areas in Durban where black people live. He started singing this type of music in 2010 known as Triple coma producing music for the record label No fear Entertainment, he left it in 2011 and went to New talent zone Entertainment in the area of ​​Ntuzuma where he started releasing a song with his brother Vukile Mbonambi He also known as Veekay da Stoner. the song became popular in Ntuzuma and New town A. also released a song at Pm Production, "I Blow the World" which was also a popular song played in the area of Ntuzuma, the song was played in taxis, car washes, and people played it on the street. in 2013 he released a single track, Rock&Roll song "What the Fuck Girl" instrumental by chainsmokers downloaded beat, and also Released 'Let Roll on' and Homage those songs were rock and roll, people were surprised that a black person sings this kind of music Ekasi. that’s when they started calling him the king of country music Ekasi. Even at home, they started to see that he had talent for his Music. of the performances in the local area, they were shocked when he entered at the stage and heard a strange kind of music in their ears right there. in the year 2017 to 2019 he released the last songs under the name of Triple coma. in 2020 he changed the name and stylised to Quenellx95,
A name derived from his real name.
(Kwa - Que - Nele - Nell) x95 comes from the year he was born in 1995. Then his name was changed to Quenellx95.
from the year 2022 his music also changed to country pop music, and Rock&roll Music.