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December 12/11/19, 2019
Philippe Brunel Acoustic Band

After having made our first two CDs entitled Philippe Brunel "Récits de Voyages" (Coop-Breizh distribution) we are pleased to invite you to continue the adventure by watching some excerpts and the teaser of our new CD:

Philippe Brunel Acoustic Band: "Vers de nouvelles aventures …"

We invite you to take off and let yourself be carried by the current.
Loop your suitcases and embark with us for a musical cruise around the world.

We remain at your disposal to send you a copy of the albums as well as any other additional information (visual, press kit, etc ...) for possible diffusion or programmation.

We wish you a very pleasant trip …

Philippe Brunel
10 rue de buzulzo
22300 Lannion (France)
+33 (0) 6 25 98 63 95