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About "Global Groove LAB - Keep On Throwing (feat. Haider & Pintoo Khan)"
We had a lot of fun recording this one. Haider and Pintoo really brought it to life, it was really wonderful to collaborate with them. Was especially interesting to see them communicate with each other. We would tell them our idea and they would translate it into a different musical language.

Global Groove LAB feat. Haider & Pintoo Khan
Keep On Throwing

music: Pavel Shalman & Jovan Torbica
text: Pavel Shalman, RONJA* & Coalman

RONJA* (Austria) - vocals
Coalman (Nigeria) - vocals
Boki Radenkovic (Serbia) – guitars
Stefan Thaler (Slovenia/Austria) – bass
Martin Peham (Austria) – drums
Pavel Shalman (Russia / USA) – violin & strings