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About "Hlonipha AmaKhosi"
A song of legacy, as we sound the essence of SANKOFA looking at the time when INkosi uBhambatha handled matters of ill, putting up a fight against taxation where each registered tax payer had to pay for each and every hut/rondavel that exists in the Homestead. We vibrate pride and honour in the excellence of INkosi uCetshwayo for refusing to sukkumb to the stipulations of the ultimatum presented to him by the british army under kween viktoria's regime. In this moment, Hlonipha AmaKhosi highlights and signifies the feeling of fondness that we have for our dearsome geography such as uThukela, one of the most Eyestorikal rivers we have in Afuraka. We love Hlonipha AmaKhosi for not forgetting the Great Ilembe - the emblem of the Zulu Nation - for giving it an ekhoe that tells of its tales in the world.